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Friday, September 29, 2006:

At first Billy Fury always struck me just because of his name. Larry Parnes, who discovered him, gave him the name of Fury. There was Elvis of course, but I feel Billy represented the sadness that is in everyday life. He represents a sense of failure. But failure that is beautiful and pure.

The photo above is Billy on stage with Heinz, who was rumored to be Joe Meeks’ boyfriend. You can hear Heinz’s music through various Joe Meek collections that are out there.

The late and very much missed Eddie Cochran with Billy in the U.K. They both understood that life is not something to take for granted. In fact it is something special and our moments here are precious…

A man and his record collection. I often felt that if one looked at my possessions you would know who I am.

Billy looks at the world and I wonder what’s left of it.

Tosh // 12:33 AM

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