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Thursday, April 20, 2006:

TamTam Books is very happy to announce that we just purchased the world English rights to publish and translate “Serge Gainsbourg” by Gilles Verlant.

This promise to be biggest and the most up-to-date biography on the great pop artist, author and provocateur Serge Gainsbourg. 762 pages (at least) and rare photos as well. Paul Knobloch will be translating the biography, and with his knowledge and love for Gainsbourg, it will surely be a match-up from heaven (or hell if you prefer).

And with my dear friends from the French Publisher's Agency, here's their P.R. on the book:
Serge Gainsbourg
by Gilles Verlant

Albin Michel, 2000
762 pages.

ISBN : 2-226-12060-2
EAN : 9782226120601

Rights sold to Tam Tam Books

The provocative life of French pop icon Serge Gainsbourg has never before been told in its entirety in English. But now, with the recent publication in France of this exhaustive biography, English-language rights are finally available. Perhaps best known in this country for his 1969 erotic duet with Jane Berkin, "Je t'aime…Moi non plus," Gainsbourg boasted a litany of sacrileges that even shocked the French. To name just a few:
He appeared half-naked with his 14-year-old daughter singing a song about incest; burned a 500-franc note on national television; made a reggae version of "La Marseillaise"; wrote an entire novel about a farting artist ("Evguenie Sokolov," TamTam Books); and infuriated Whitney Houston when he told her he wanted to fuck her on national television. A rogue and a press hound, Gainsbourg wrote songs and had affairs with the most beautiful women in France. His romance with Brigitte Bardot caused a scandal that made headlines for months.
But Gainsbourg was much more than just a provocateur. His enormous impact on French music is undeniable, and even many of his admirers found his life objectionable.
Serge Gainsbourg is illustrated with unforgettable photographs. It includes an exhaustive index, as well as a filmography and a discography.

About Gilles Verlant :
Gilles Verlant is a journalist, author of a Gainsbourg Photo-biography (Albin Michel) and the Encyclopédie de la chanson française (Hors Collection). He is also the producer of special events on the French channel Canal Plus ("Nuit Gainsbourg", "Nuit Johnny Halliday"...)

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