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Thursday, March 23, 2006:

Although I like to think Serge Gainsbourg as an Island, he seemed to invite a lot of other artists to his Island. When I was in Paris two weeks I picked up “Mr. Melody,” which is a 4 CD Box set that focuses on his work with other singers.

Ok, first of all the package and the book that comes with it is super fantastic. A lot of photographs I haven’t seen before – and it gives a great discography on the songs that are on the box set.

The music – it’s endless! It is like being in a great candy store – and you just want to sample every piece of candy. Besides the usual co-workers (Birkin, Dutronc, his daughter) we also get a rare super recording of pre-Velvet Underground Nico doing a Gainsbourg tune – as well as Catherine Deneuve, who I think made a fantastic album with M. Gainsbourg. Also a record that I have been looking for in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo – and god knows where else – Bambou’s versions of “Lulu. She was Gainsbourg’s last muse. There are other surprises like a good candy store!

The box set does it job by showing the wide perspective and pure music genius of Gainsbourg. I highly recommend getting the box set even if you do have some of the songs.

Tosh // 7:54 PM

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