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Saturday, September 24, 2005:

Sunday, September 25 – 5:00 PM

1328 Montana Avenue at 14th Street in Santa Monica


Short films that complement the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s current exhibition, "Semina Culture: Wallace Berman and His Circle." The program includes Wallace Berman’s only film, the mysteriously beautiful "Aleph," as well as Curtis Harrington’s rarely seen record of artist Cameron’s studio, "Wormwood Star." Bruce Conner is represented by his eight-minute masterpiece, "A Movie;" a lyrical tribute to Jay DeFeo, "The White Rose;" a stunning precursor to MTV featuring the gorgeous Toni Basil, "Breakaway;" and "Cosmic Ray." Four shorts by Lawrence Jordan include his footage of Joseph Cornell at work, two early lyrical films, and "Our Lady of the Spheres," an example of his amazing collage animation. The program will also include two rarely screened shorts by Academy Award nominee Russell Tamblyn. Discussion following with directors Curtis Harrington and Russell Tamblyn. For more info on the exhibit check www.smmoa.org.

An Aero Theatre Exclusive!

Tosh // 3:26 PM

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