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Saturday, April 30, 2005:

Patti Smith has put together this year's Meltdown Festival which takes place in London. I think her themes and selections are excellent. If I was extremely weathly (instead of just plain wealthy - which I am ) I would fly in for the show. The same goes for last year's Morrissey themed Meltdown - to see Sparks....That would have been amazing!

If I had to go to only one event - I think it would be the tribute to Brecht night. But really, the whole series sounds great. Yoko Ono too - totally fab!

This is her schedule & ticket info:

he other events confirmed so far are:

Yoko Ono (Queen Elizabeth Hall, June 17)

Rachid Taha with special guest Patti Smith (Royal Festival Hall, 17)

Songs Of Innocence, Protest Songs and Lullabies, Feat. Patti Smith, Beth Orton, Sinead O’Connor, Kristin Hersh plus more (Royal Festival Hall, 18)

Billy Bragg (Queen Elizabeth Hall, 18)

Steve Earle and Patti Smith (Royal Festival Hall, 19)

The Coral Sea 0 Text: Patti Smith Music: Patti Smith, Kevin Shields, Cat Power (Queen Elizabeth Hall, 22)

A homage to Bertolt Brecht. Feat. Patti Smith, Antony, Dresdon Dolls, Marc Almond, Neil Finn, Tim Finn, London Sinfonietta and more (Royal Festival Hall, 23)

Antony And The Johnsons (Queen Elizabeth Hall, 24)

Patti Smith performs Horses with Special Guest John Cale (Royal Festival Hall, 25.)

SONGS OF EXPERIENCE The work of Jimi Hendrix and the music that inspired him Feat. Patti Smith, Jeff Beck, Flea, John Frusciante and more (26)

Tickets for the shows go on sale on May 5 at 9am via the South Bank Centre Box Office on 08703 808 300 or online at www.rfh.org.uk/meltdown.

Tosh // 11:35 AM

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