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Saturday, January 15, 2005:

Due to mishaps that are in the school of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton there were problems at the printers with respect to Vian’s “Autumn in Peking.’ Those problems are now solved, and I am expecting the Printers to ship the books out on January 18th. Which means I will be getting the shipment in the week of January 24th.

I did receive a copy or two from the printers and did a road test. The first thing I did was carrying the book with me to work and back. I must say, that the book looks extremely smart on buses. I do think reading Vian’s “Autumn in Peking” in or on a public space shows one is not interested in what passes as daily life. Somehow I felt ‘these outside matters really don’t matter.” Selfish perhaps but the modern person has to keep a perspective of what’s important in the world. Without a doubt having this book, which is not only a great read, but also an important fashion accessory.

I remember reading Nik Cohn’ s essay on Mods, where he reported that the British Mods would carry around French newspapers for the sole purpose of their look. This has stayed with me from the beginning of TamTam Books. A book must be read but it also has to look ‘smart’ while on a public space.

Also we designed the books to be read in bathtubs. By no means waterproof, but nevertheless the humid bathroom (or wherever you take a bath) does not destroy the pages or cover. And again it looks really smart. Especially if you are the type that takes baths with lots of people. You jump into a tub with a lot of naked beautiful people, and all of sudden you whip out your TamTam book – and bingo it is probably the most sexual turn-on possible.

Anyway I just want to say I am sorry for the delays. I have been told (behind my back) that I am the Stanley Kubrick of publishing – and sadly that maybe some truth in that. But for my readers…. Extremely lucky.

Tosh // 8:08 PM

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