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Tuesday, December 28, 2004:

Susan Sontag passed away today.

She was simply one of the better Essayists that came out of the U.S. I never could get into her fiction, but I loved reading her essays. It wasn't a matter if I agreed with or not - but she always wrote about stuff that I was interested in. I met her briefly at a bookstore, and she didn't make a personal impression on me either way - so it is mostly through her work that makes me sad that we have lost another important voice this year. Not only for her major and famous essays, but the many introductions she wrote for various works of literature. The ones I have read were always interesting - and a good entrance to the main text. I am sorry that she's gone.

There's an interesting obit in today's Los Angeles Times. Compared to the others I have read so far, it has warmth and a feeling for old Los Angeles.

Tosh // 1:20 PM

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