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Saturday, November 06, 2004:

Boris Vian’s “Autumn in Peking”

Here’s the update on Vian’s masterful novel “Autumn in Peking.” We’re putting the finishing design touches to the ‘guts’ or the insides of the book. Again, I promise that this book will look superb. Tom Recchion is a master – and basically my favorite part of the project is to work with him on his computer and look at these words till my eyes fall out. Luckily he has a collection of ‘Monster Rock’ songs to keep us on the edge of our seats.

At this point and time I also want to say thanks to Paul Knobloch (the translator) and Carolline Kim (my assistant) who are a total joy to work with. Check out the TamTam website for news – and shortly “Autumn in Peking” will be in your little clean hands.

Tosh // 1:25 PM

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