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Thursday, September 16, 2004:

I am fascinated with urban living on a very small scale. Can one walk the city?

I pretty much walked NYC, London, Paris, and Tokyo - but for sure my favorite walking city is Los Angeles. The fact that no one walks in L.A. means there are a lot of undiscovered treasures among its pathways and big streets. I was thrilled to read this article in the Los Angeles Times today about Neil Hopper who pretty much goes on a bus - any bus - and then walks around various neighborhoods and streets. I don't know if Mr. Hopper is familiar with Debord Company, but nevertheless I tip my hat to this local (my city) urban traveler.

It is a long article in the Times, so go here to read it:


After reading the article, check out Mr. Hopper's website, where he documents his walking trips: http://www.walkinginla.com/

Tosh // 8:42 AM

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