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Friday, August 20, 2004:


Slightly bored and irritated one afternoon, my mood changed radically when I came upon a copy of Brigitte Bardot’s "Divine B.B." DVD at Amoeba Records. I bought it and rushed home, I opened up a bottle of wine – and fell into what outsiders may say a deep coma. But I was alert and alive watching delious images of Brigitte Bardot singing various Gainsbourg classics as well as other tasty tunes. The legendary "Brigitte Bardot Show of 1968" is on this disk as well as some scrumptious early stuff. All of it from French TV shows, so the quality is good. What’s uber-cool is the Gainsbourg classic "Contact."

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can live without this DVD in his or her collection. I doubt it very much that I will ever visit anyone’s house whom doesn’t have this DVD. It is like a home without any TamTam Books in it. Impossible!

Tosh // 4:07 PM

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