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Thursday, May 27, 2004:

To the gang I hold dear,

We just recently updated some information on the TamTam Books website http://www.tamtambooks.com.

Design is the same, but I added more reviews of 'Foam of the Daze' and more links. Dismissed some old links that no longer work and said hello to Billy Fury, Jane Birkin, Fantomas, Godard and some special bookstores that sell the TamTam line - Also the TamTam Books weblog is titled 'news and views' on the main page.

In this section you will find plenty of information on Boris Vian, Serge Gainsbourg, Guy Debord and my obsession with French pop of the 60's as well as British pop culture of the 60's.

I try to locate hard-to-find information (at least to me) and also mix in with my other passions and obsessions such as the band Sparks.

To be quite honest, the website pretty much describes everything I am into and so it is basically not even important to know me in person! I can't better myself than this site, and if you do meet me you will for sure be disappointed!

But saying that, do communicate if you have questions, desires, or criticism.

Besides that I am working on finishing up the next TamTam novel by Boris Vian called 'Autumn in Peking.'

The manuscript is basically finished, but just fine-tuning it to make it the best that it can be. Also design work is being done with my regular brilliant designer (and composer) Tom Recchion. The translation for Autumn in Peking is by Paul Knobloch, who is also working on a top-secret Vian project with me. Will tell more so keep your eyes on the 'News & Views.' 'Autumn in Peking' will more likely be out by late Summer or early (no pun intended) Autumn.

Thanks for everyone who supported TamTam Books, and for those who didn't ....well we'll meet at the fork of the road.

Tosh // 9:03 PM

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