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Friday, April 02, 2004:

I am a little late with the best of 2003, because I think I was in some sort of spell under Boris Vian for the last (really) 24 months. TamTam Books is fueled by fine literature of course, and music as well. If I had to choose the best book – in all honesty I would have to say ‘Foam of the Daze’ because I have been working on it throughout the last two years or so. This year (2004) I know the best novel will be Vian’s ‘Autumn in Peking.’ Of course I am publishing it, but why would I publish something if I didn’t feel it was the best piece of work out there. So there!

Now saying that here is the music that has given me fuel in my time of need and pleasure during what I think was the year 2003. Keep in mind these are not all titles that were released in 2003. I think that’s bullshit. It is what I listened to in 2003.

1) Benjamin Biolay: "Rose Kennedy" and "Negatif" - On the surface he sounds like a smoother Gainsbourg, but I think there is a lot of things going on under this surface. His arrangements are exquisite and of course sexy –which I guess is where the Gainsbourg connection comes in. But what I really like about his music is his arrangements are very unexpected. Incredibly textured and dreamy; but solid on the ground.
2) Robert Wyatt: "Cookooland" - This is right up there with his masterpiece "Rock Bottom." Wyatt has made a long album (but have no fear he has a 30 second silent track so one can either rest or put on a pot for tea) that consists of a memory of Paris 1950’s to the current political situation. Wyatt sings if has melted butter on his tongue. It’s sensual with haunting melodies. Plus you have Eno singing the chorus in one of the songs, which reminds me of the old ‘pop’ Eno.
3) The entire Cramps catalogue: I went bananas and purchased every album by The Cramps. All of them are masterpieces because they can’t help but make masterpieces. Like my favorite bands (Sparks) they are totally self-contained and have no need for the outside world. Except what they take of that world and make it their own. And for that alone one can admire The Cramps.

In the next couple of days, I will write back in what I am listening to regarding March 2004. But likely that will happen in June 2004. Oh dear…

Tosh // 7:09 PM

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