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Friday, December 19, 2003:

For those who need to purchase TamTam Books' titles by Christmas, these are the stores that now have them in stock - and should be able to send it out before Xmas time.

Book Soup. Check out http://www.booksoup.com/. Phone number 310-659-3110

Amazon.com has titles on order and some are in stock.

Also check with SPD: http://www.pub24x7.com/scripts/rgw.dll/rblive/BOOKS:ORDERHOME

AK Distribution and Books: http://www.akpress.org/

Book Beat:
www.thebookbeat.com (Do check them out, this is a cool bookstore!

And for my dear customers in Canada:


Plus your local bookstore should be able to order 'Foam of the Daze' through Ingram.

At this point and time TamTam Books are:

Boris Vian's "I Spit on Your Graves"
Boris Vian's "Foam of the Daze"
Guy Debord's "Considerations on the Assassination of Gerard Lebovici"
Serge Gainsbourg's "Evguenie Sokolov"

Happy holidays everyone!

Tosh // 7:05 PM

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