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Saturday, November 22, 2003:

Ah, I have just received my first copy of "Foam of the Daze" via the printer. What can I say, it is a TamTam Books masterpiece!

Besides being a beautiful looking book (designed by Tom Recchion), it also has 40 pages of insightful (and totally readable) endnotes regarding "Foam of the Daze", Vian, and his world with respect to his reading and music taste and of course his fascinating friends. It's fully annotated, but without the troublesome and annoying footnotes. One should read the novel straight through - and then when the mood strikes you - read the endnotes.

The translator, Brian Harper, did a remarkable job on this novel. It reads like beautiful people taking off their clothing one by one in front of you. "Foam of the Daze" is totally seductive with a strange combination of bittersweet and harsh settings. It is one of the most remarkable novels of the 20th Century.

I know, I know. I am the publisher, but I am very proud of this publication. It's my bebe!

Tosh // 10:16 AM

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