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Saturday, October 25, 2003:

This is from "Dance of the Infidels" a memoir by Francis Paudras regarding his time and friendship with Bud Powell

"In his (Vian’s) Press Review in ‘Jazz Hot' (July-August 1954), Boris had cited a remark made by the critic Mike Neward, who had said he detested the "emotionless deluge of Bud Powell." His answer was the following: "Dear Mike Neward, Are you sure your powers of perception are up to the level of a Bud Powell? Or could it be that he has gone much too far and much too fast for you to follow? Science teaches, dear friend, that one cannot measure bacteria with a wooden yardstick. So if you want to hear, and appreciate Bud, maybe you’d better sharpen up your ears!"

Tosh // 3:18 PM

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