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Saturday, September 27, 2003:


I'm now listening to Robert Wyatt's wonderful new album "Cuckooland," and on this record there's a song "Old Europe" that is about Paris Jazz culture in 1949. Terrific song! What is interesting is that Wyatt mentions and I quote him from the liner notes, "…Club St. Germain legendary jazz venue; home from home to the many American jazz musicians that Paris welcomed with open arms. Miles played a three week residency during December 1957. Juliette (Gréco) was there, (and so was our pal Mike Zwerin)." The song is dedicated to Zwerin.

Now for the Vian connection: Club St. Germain is a jazz nightclub founded by Vian; and Mike Zwerin translated and edited "Round About Close to Midnight: The Jazz Writings of Boris Vian." In the back cover of the book Zwerin wrote "Before starting to translate his jazz writing, I thought Boris Vian was the best jazz writer of all time. Since finishing, I'm sure of it."

For more writings by Zwerin check out the website: http://www.mikezwerin.com/

Tosh // 6:59 PM

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