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Saturday, August 09, 2003:

TamTam Books, among other presses, got a great write-up in the current issue of FLAUNT Magazine (No. 46). It’s a pleasure and honor to be in the company of Feral House, Exact Change, J & L Books, Soft Skull Press and other great independent publishers. Also the layout and design of the article and little booklet is super-duper good! Thanks FLAUNT!

This is what they said about TamTam Books:

"Tosh Berman, founder of TamTam Books, has a perpetual jones for international literature. More specifically, you might say he has a crush on French pop culture, especially those three decades of righteous rebel flair following World War II, and pre-
dating the monopoly of the cultural mainstream by the preeminent purveyor of bubble-gum bullshit, MTV. Oh yes, kiddies, there was a time when pop stars were instigators of intellectual rebellion and not just money baskets collecting currency from the masses for the benefit of their corporate sugar daddies. But maybe saying all this is just an exercise in redundancy–being an American in an era of disgusted, dwindling political interest, despite the beginning of "terror,’ yet feeling more isolated and fearful, for that same reason. Yet somehow France has always seemed like a country that maintained great ideological veracity. Pursuing his personal interests, Berman, with the help of friend/designer Tom Recchion, has published three French auteurs who symbolize that fiery gusto, that inclination to evoke change through provocation. Says Berman, "Life in the U.S. feels suffocated now. We need to be reminded of the wit, the passion, the love of music and film via Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, and Guy Debord."

Tosh // 11:33 AM

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