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Monday, August 25, 2003:

Boris Vian’s "les annés jazz" (Warner France) CD

Track by track:

QUE RESTE-T-IL DE NOS AMOURS? (Trenet)- This has a nice stroll sound very lazy and kind of sexy. Vian on trumpet (on all cuts) and it has a nice smoky sound not only due to the vintage recording but also one can visionalize the smoke in the room. The trumpet is muted, just like the shy and sly feelings behind the song.

JAZZ ME BLUES (Delaney) - A little jazz tune where the clarinet takes the lead – and Vian with his trumpet just follows along. A good dance tune where one can really solo on the dance floor.

DADA STRAIN (Medina/Dorvet) – Like it’s name sake this song would fit into an evening of chaos. There is something slippy and vertigo like with the melody coming in and out of the chorus. If you were dancing by yourself, one would shake their behind and wave your hands in the air. Similar to someone trying to dry their hands.

I’VE FOUND A NEW BABY (Palmer/Williams) The beat is fast, and it’s really optimistic. Like when you first see that new love coming through that door. Perhaps the drumbeat represents the heartbeat when first aroused. But later on as the rhythm stays study in a fast mode, there is some hesitation in the horns. Like maybe there will be trouble. Or maybe not.

ROSETTA (Hines/Woode) Rosetta must be one beauty if one can go by this tune. This for sure has a 2:15 in the morning type of sound. The room is stale with smoke, and the smell of liquor. One would leave the environment if they could find someone like ‘Rosetta.’

HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Razat/Waller) This is too much of a standard for me! Yet, the drumming is almost Rockabilly – and it is my favorite part of the record.

TIN ROOF BLUES (Rappolo/Mares/Pollack/Brunies/Stitzel/Melrose) This is my favorite cut. Very slow and nasty sounding. Very New Orleans filtered through the French sensibility. All the guys in the band are wearing loose neckties on this one. Also if you close your eyes, you can see a couple of spilled drinks on the floor as well as some woman wearing questionable attire.

MUSKRAT RAMBLE (Ory/Gilbert) A pogo dance can go well with this jaunty tune. It bounces up and down and for sure someone will fall in the ground. The question will the dancers stop, or will they dance over the fallen dancer. This is a great recording!

JAZZ ME BLUES #2 (Delaney) A better version of ‘Jazz Me Blues. Again the drumming is excellent. Does he smoke while playing the drums?

I'VE FOUND A NEW BABY #2 (Palmer/Dorvet) This strikes me as a somewhat moody recording. Lot of doubt and almost an afterthought. Maybe ‘he’ should not find this new baby!

Tosh // 12:09 PM

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