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Saturday, February 08, 2003:

"Mygale" by Thierry Jonquet (Translated from the French by Donald Nicholson-Smith)
City Lights Books

I just finished reading this fantastic French book by Thierry Jonquet called ‘Mygale.’ It is like a classic Georges Franju film turned into a novel. It’s only 129 pages, but it is 129 pages you can’t put down.

I don’t want to talk about the plot because that would give the narrative away. But I can tell you it’s a cross between Poe and Patricia Highsmith. As I pointed out, think of Franju’s ‘Eyes Without a Face’ and you get the flavor of this little wicked novel. It has a strong whiff of Gothic passions in a contemporary setting. I am hoping that other Jonquet books will be translated into English.

in addition note that the translator Donald Nicholson-Smith also translated Debord’s ‘Society of the Spectacle’ in English for Zone Books.

Tosh // 2:08 PM

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