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Friday, October 11, 2002:

This is from the liner notes for the Miles Davis soundtrack to "Ascenseur pur l’échafaud" (Lift to the Scaffold) Complete Recordings by Boris Vian:

"The recordings sessions took place in the Poste Parisien studio in a very relaxed atmosphere. Jeanne Moreau, the star of the movie, was there, greeting delightfully musicians and technicians at an improvised bar. Producers and technicians were there, as well as Louis Malle who endeavoured to get from Miles whatever he wished to add to the picture. On a screen were shown the main scenes of the film to the totally relaxed musicians who were getting in the film atmosphere and started to improvise as the projection was going on

A strange sonority in Miles’ trumpet can be noted on the piece ‘Dîner au motel.’ This happened when a fragment of skin came off Miles’ lip and was stuck on the mouth-piece of instrument. And as some painters owe the plastic quality of their work to some accident, in the same way, Miles willingly greeted this ‘unheard of’ element of music (‘unheard of’ in the literal sense of the word). Undoubtedly, even deprived of the pictures of the film, the listeners cannot but be sensitive to the magic and tragic atmosphere created by this great black musician and his admirable team-mates."

Boris Vian – 1957
(Fontana Records)

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